"His Airness" Or "The Black Mamba"

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Michael Jordan: Creating a Legend

Michael Jeffery Jordan, Born February 17, 1963, Brooklyn New York. Michael Jordan first experience with the game of basketball came from his pickup games with his older brother Larry Jordan, which fueled his competitive passion. Michael would constantly lose to his older brother, which made Michael feel that if he could beat his older brother he could beat anybody. When he finally came around into his basketball body and his skills caught up to his height he began to beat his older brother with no problem. It would continue at Laney High School a place where Michael hoped he could stand out on the basketball court. But, during his sophomore year Michael was cut from the Laney High basketball team. Michael would go on to admit that the day he was cut from the varsity team he ran home and did nothing but cry. That failure that Michael experienced pushed him to new heights the following season not only making the team but playing well enough to earn himself a scholarship to North Carolina. Michael would continue to face skepticism about his ability going into North Carolina. Some believed that Michael would go to North Carolina, sit the bench, and come back home to work in the city. But, Michael would continue to prove critics wrong with the help of North Carolina's Legendary coach Dean Smith. Dean Smith would start Michael as a freshman. In the 1982 National Championship Michael Jordan would start fire to his career by hitting one of the biggest game winning shots in college basketball history. The shot gave Dean Smith his first NCAA title and would lift Michael to imaginable heights. Pushed by his new found confidence Michael would begin to take the national stage. With the determination to get better along with the ability to get better nothing was stopping his greatness. After exploding with talent he came a two time National Player of the Year. But, following his junior season Michael Jordan would make the decision to become a NBA professional Basketball Player. But, before heading off to the NBA, Michael would make his debut on the world stage in the 1984 United States Olympic Team. Where he would be coached by another legend Bobby Knight. Michael would continue his rise to greatness by leading the US to the gold medal. And, now he was ready for the next step in his career the NBA.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Legend...

Michael Jordan came into the NBA and created a trend like no other athlete in history of sports. Was it the amazing highlights? Was it his will to win? Was it that he could carry a team on his back? Michael also had natural charisma. But, one thing that was over looked was his fearlessness. Michael simply dared to be great. Michael would continue to win NBA titles because of this. Even after his first retirement from the NBA to play baseball under heavy criticism or launching his basketball comeback under heavy doubts, he would continue to show the same unshakable confidence. After his comeback he would lead the Chicago Bulls to three more NBA Championships. Michael Jordan would have many players that would try to emulate him the player that seems to display the same fearlessness and confidence the most was none other than Kobe Bryant. The moment Kobe Bryant decided to skip college and go straight to the NBA; like Jordan he faced skeptics. But, Kobe was determined to show everyone that he could become successful in the NBA. He began to show it as soon as he stepped on the court. Kobe gained the reputation of the human highlight reel that wasn’t afraid to step up to big shots. Even though he wasn’t afraid to shoot those shots he would miss four straight air balls in the fourth quarter against the Utah Jazz. He would learn from this lesson and he would just keep coming back getting stronger and better day after day. By 2000 he would be one of the driving forces leading the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA finals. Kobe and the Lakers would win their next title the following year but even that wasn’t enough for him he would continue to work harder to be the best basketball player that has ever lived. Some said that he might have pushed the limits too far on becoming the best messing up the Lakers chemistry. But, Kobe managed to evaluate his game to new heights and still fitting in with his teammates. By rising to new heights he kept in harmony with his team. Michael Jordan would then make another return to NBA under extreme heavy criticism. People would think that Michael Jordan returning from retirement would destroy his legacy. But, Michael would prove the naysayers wrong by being the same old Jordan. Michael would be giving the opportunity to face Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. But, Kobe Bryant made it clear that it was his league now dropping 55 points on Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards.